A history of our great promotional product deals.

These deals are gone for now, but you never know, they might be back again. In the meantime, you can still get them at their normal, guaranteed low price at 4imprint.com.

July 2020

View the SPF30 Sun Stick SPF30 Sun Stick 125 for $229.00
View the Colton Keychain Colton Keychain 100 for $179.00
View the Palmer Notebook Palmer Notebook 50 for $229.00
View the Poker Chip Poker Chip 100 for $135.00
View the Sport Flyer - 5" Sport Flyer - 5" 200 for $135.00
View the Economy Pocket Coolie Economy Pocket Coolie 250 for $145.00
View the Frolico Pen Frolico Pen 250 for $109.00
View the Wave Cap Wave Cap 48 for $199.00