A history of our great promotional product deals.

These deals are gone for now, but you never know, they might be back again. In the meantime, you can still get them at their normal, guaranteed low price at 4imprint.com.

October 2019

View the Small Tissue Packet Small Tissue Packet 250 for $159.00
View the Fun Foam Putty Fun Foam Putty 250 for $219.00
View the Twill Patch Scarf Twill Patch Scarf 36 for $199.00
View the Cotton ID Wallet Cotton ID Wallet 125 for $219.00
View the Frolico Gel Pen Frolico Gel Pen 250 for $99.00
View the Buttermint Candies Buttermint Candies 1 for $109.00
View the Carabiner Keychain Carabiner Keychain 250 for $175.00
View the Edgy Pen Edgy Pen 300 for $99.00
View the Avant-Tex Metro Tote Avant-Tex Metro Tote 25 for $239.00
View the Sport Flyer - 5" Sport Flyer - 5" 200 for $89.00
View the Travel Rain Poncho Travel Rain Poncho 50 for $119.00